As the employers' association for the property sector in Sweden, Fastigo represents approximately 1,200 employers with more than 20,000 employees. Our members include small and large property companies with different forms of ownership: private, municipal and cooperative societies.

Since Fastigo specialises in employer issues within the property sector, our staff are highly familiar with the problems that can arise among our member companies. These include organisational changes, change of operations, questions related to dismissals, and application of agreements.

The benefits of Fastigo membership for property companies include access to personal negotiating assistance, labour law experience, salary statistics, training and extensive information. Fastigo signs agreements for employees covered by collective agreements and salaried employees in the property sector. Agreements are also concluded with all trade unions.


Fastigo was established in 1946. The organisation was then known as KAB, having only municipal and co-operative real estate businesses, as well as tenant-owner co-operatives as its members. In 1994 the largest employer’s organisation in this line of business changed its name to Fastigo, becoming accessible to everyone.

During the end of the 1980’s and in the beginning of the 1990’s the real estate business underwent considerable changes, just like society in general. Within most businesses the labour market saw radical changes, something which also was the case within the real estate business. This change made it more pressing to unify the business in one common employer’s organisation. In order to develop the employers’ issues in a way that met the companies’ business goals, Fastigo; the Real Estate Employer’s Organisation was formed in 1994. This resulted in Fastigo opening its doors to a successful companionship in a comprehensive employer’s organisation, having top competency within all applicable areas.

An operative and strategic partner

Fastigo reaches comprehensive collective agreements and offers complete support to employers in their local work on salary formation. Our starting point is always what the individual member firm requires in order to manage employer issues, from a long-term strategic perspective as well as a short-term operative perspective.

As a member you will receive the following:

  • A comprehensive collective agreement that allows freedom of choice
  • Expert advice and support in employer issues
  • On-Call telephone service
  • Individual service and business visits
  • Attorney/representative in court if a dispute arises
  • Most up-to-date information as available
  • Access to customized training courses on several business levels
  • Statistics over current market salaries
  • Access to the Job Security Fund (Trygghetsfonderna)

An effective organisation with an extensive field of work

Fastigo has proved to be an effective organisation with about 20 skilled staff members. Being a small organisation we are able to provide a personal and effective service to our members, avoiding the bureaucracy and sometimes inadaptability of a large organisation.

With our purpose-built Head Office based in central Stockholm and close to all forms of transportation networks, we are easy to reach for business visitors and can also travel to and from the rest of the country at short notice.

Always near you

Fastigo’s negotiators will undertake business visits upon request of the members, to learn more about a company’s expectations and requirements for future agreements and ensure that they are met. This in turn ensures that, through personal dialogue, the services offered by Fastigo are continually developed and enhanced, with significant projects and measures being taken.

We provide assistance to consultations, negotiations and disputes. The core of Fastigo’s business is Labour law consultations that are offered to our member firms, in addition to local and central negotiations.

The most common negotiations concern issues on employment protection, however salary negotiations are also common. In addition there are legal disputes in court or the arbitration panel that Fastigo has handled.

It is worth noting that the numbers of legal disputes where individual employees have taken legal action against the employer have increased considerably in recent years, something which can be hard for a single member firm to deal with on their own.

Increased interest in education

Competence development on all levels is often of crucial importance for the future of a business. We therefore regularly hold courses in, amongst other things, collective agreements, Labour law, work environment, personal development planning, pensions and insurance. In addition to these, there are also a few customized training courses that are held on business premises. There are hun-dreds of employees at member firms that each year chooses us as their course organizer and the numbers are increasing each year.

Always up-to-date and current information

Our member firms continuously receive information on current employer issues through circulars, Managing Director (MD) letters, a newspaper and access to our web site. Where there is a particular large interest on a subject we complement with training courses or customized information material.